Culver City Salads was born in 2012. Back then, Christina was making salads in her home kitchen and delivering them to friends and colleagues. From our humble apartment-kitchen beginnings, we’ve grown up and grown into Vancouver’s first completely plant-based and gluten free mobile salad company.

In the spring of 2013, we grew our family with the addition of Granny Smith; our bright green food truck. Serving all of Vancouver, we park in various locations throughout the city and are lucky to be a part of a great community that welcomes us to the Vancouver Farmer’s Markets, Food Truck Festivals and other seasonal events.

Since getting our greens on the road, we’ve upped our awareness about the impact that being mobile has on our dearest Mother Earth. And, in the spring of 2014, we launched an Indiegogo campaign to fundraise to convert the truck to solar power and other sustainable energies. With the sweet support of our salad-loving community, we were able to achieve our fundraising goal and are on the road to being the first food truck in Vancouver to be powered by the sun.

It’s our mission to provide the city with a healthy, whole, nourishing meal while creating the smallest impact possible. We work to reduce food waste, repurposing and composting every last bit of trimmings. We use 100% compostable and biodegradable containers and packaging, and source all of our produce from as close to home as possible.

We’re committed to keeping the future bright (and green) for the kids coming up behind us - and work to make sure that’s a reality that they get to live to see.



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The eldest daughter in a family of eight, Christina cut her teeth in the kitchen by keeping a large family of athletes well fed. Satisfying the conflicting meal-time desires of so many family members sparked the beginnings of the healthy and creative cooking that would eventually inspire Culver City Salads. Christina knows that "One-Size-Doesn't-Fit-All" when it comes to food - which means you won't find her on a soap-box preaching and is no bible-thumping apostle looking to make everyone vegetable-loving converts. She just wants everyone to enjoy healthy foods - with the emphasis on ENJOY. With a background in creative fashion design and nail art, she’s an entrepreneur at heart who brings color, passion and fun into the businesses she launches, develops and grows. She’s got a big time love for the West Coast, will never shy away from a dip in the sea and will stand behind the fact that Kelly Kapowski is, in fact, her spirit animal.



It took only a little arm twisting from Christina to get Sarah involved in the now family business that is Culver City Salads. Sarah's early life revolved around her passion for ski racing. As a full-time athlete travelling the country, she became increasingly aware of the crucial role that proper nutrition played in her performance and well-being. Sarah’s focus shifted fully to health and nutrition when she left the racing scene, first becoming qualified as a pastry chef and then moving on to complete her certification as a holistic nutritionist. Sarah’s goal is to provide easy and practical meal solutions that don't compromise on taste or flavour, and that nourish and heal the body in a natural, sustainable and ethical way. She’s a creative genius when it comes to baked goods; it’s Sarah’s cookies that bring all the boys to the truck. And the ladies. And children. They’re that good.  

Combining their love of delicious, satisfying food with their interest in health and wellness, Christina and Sarah provide healing, health, and happiness through the creative, ever-changing and delectable Culver City Salads menu.