Healthy, clean eating that leaves you pleasantly satisfied? It’s a thing.


Our commitments are simple, yet mighty:

Color is our thing. We pack our fresh, vegan salads with loads of colourful vegetables and proteins. Always.

Making things from scratch rules. There’s love in the form of elbow grease in our dressings - all gluten free, vegan and yes, made by hand. Oh and this goes for our sweet treats too - whole ingredients all the way.

We love local. We work with local farms to source our produce. Sustainable urban farming systems for the win!

Mother Earth is a total babe - and we want to keep her beautiful. We strive to be as sustainable as possible, using only 100% compostable packaging. AND, by going energy efficient .


You'll notice that we don't have a menu anywhere on the site. We do this with intention as we source all our products locally and thus our ingredients are subject to seasonal availability. We update our menu board daily with what's on offer - and while we don't offer 'build your own salads', we're happy to accommodate any allergies, sensitivities or 'super hates' to make sure you get a salad you love.

Want to give us some suggestions? Did you love your lunch? Leave us a note in our suggestions form - we’re always looking for ways we can grow!