Healthy, clean eating that leaves you pleasantly satisfied? It’s a thing.


Our commitments are simple, yet mighty:

Color is our thing. We pack our fresh, vegan salads with loads of colourful vegetables and proteins. Always.

Making things from scratch rules. There’s love in the form of elbow grease in our dressings - all gluten free, vegan and yes, made by hand. Oh and this goes for our sweet treats too - whole ingredients all the way.

We love local. We work with local farms to source our produce. Sustainable urban farming systems for the win!

Mother Earth is a total babe - and we want to keep her beautiful. We strive to be as sustainable as possible, using only 100% compostable packaging. AND, by going energy efficient .


You'll notice that we don't have a menu anywhere on the site. We do this with intention as we source all our products locally and thus our ingredients are subject to seasonal availability. We update our menu board daily with what's on offer - and while we don't offer 'build your own salads', we're happy to accommodate any allergies, sensitivities or 'super hates' to make sure you get a salad you love.

Want to give us some suggestions? Did you love your lunch? Leave us a note in our suggestions form - we’re always looking for ways we can grow!


Healthful meals delivered to you!


In the very beggining Christina ran all over the city (often on foot) delivering salads that she had made earlier that morning. A lot has changed since then, and although we are no longer able to deliver single salads all around town, we have partnered up with a really great locally rooted delivery service. Looking to keep your team happy? Nourish their minds (and souls)? Hit up Foodee or Foodora for the menu and details! 



The goodness of greens - on the go.

Give your customers another reason to come back every day. Retailing Culver City Salads is a simple and satisfying way to compliment your business or service and create a complete, one-stop-shop experience for the people coming through your space. From getting fresh deliveries of our salads to retailing our dressings, raw crackers & probiotic cashew cheese the opportunities to up your offerings to your customer base are endless.



grab & go complete meal salads at, bottled dressings, raw crackers & probiotic cashew cheese:

The Juicery 4236 Main St, Vancouver

The Juicery 3570 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

The Juicery 254 East 1st St, North Vancouver

The Juicery 3130 Highland Blvd, North Vancouver



Want to retail our goods at your business? Send us an email at and we’ll take care of you.




Parties done right: with vegetables.

Celebrations are in our top 5 most favourite things.

Catering celebrations and parties is in our top 3.

From weddings to corporate events, retreats to baby showers, we are well equipped to cater any party or gathering that you may be planning. While we are happy to cater salads, we have an array of creative, delicious snacks and treats that we add to the mix to keep your guests well fed and raving about the food

Send any inquiries that you have regarding catering to info@culvercitysalads and we’ll take care of you.



Come Visit us at the truck!

WHEN? Tuesday to Friday | 11:30am - 2:00pm

WHERE? Parked at the corner of Thurlow and Hastings in Coal Harbour.

We are also proud to be a part of the Vancouver Farmers Market - please check our schedule for official dates and times.

Follow us around town:  

The Street Food App


We launched an Indiegogo campaign in early 2014 to crowdsource funding to upgrade the truck to a more energy efficient status. With the help of an our amazing and supportive community, we hit our fundraising goal and are on track to being the first solar powered food truck in Vancouver.

We’re making this move out of a desire to be part of a much larger movement towards sustainability in the city and world at large. The initiative is as much an investment in us as it is in a sustainable future, a greener Vancouver, and let’s face it, a better life for our children.

We successfully installed our super amazing, energy saving prep fridge in October 2014 - this thing runs on 20% the energy of a regular fridge, and it's Canadian made! We run our kitchen off of golf cart batteries, so we will never have to use a noisy and polluting generator. We are always striving to keep our environmental impact low! Keep an eye on the Culver City Diaries for updates in our mission to get to #CulverCitySolar.