Well Dressed: Admit it, You Care.

There is a definite correlation between owning your personal style and being mindful about what foods you choose to nourish your body with. It’s almost undeniable; if you care enough to achieve a certain aesthetic with your outward appearance, you are probably conscious of what you consume. Over the past decade we have seen a steady shift in the general public’s attitude towards a more healthy way of life. Eating a predominantly plant-based diet is no longer only associated with fanatics, hippies or broke college students. Healthy living is finally becoming more accessible and acceptable. Folks from many different backgrounds are gravitating towards healthy foods without feeling obliged to adapt a completely new lifestyle. Now is a better time than ever to be proud of your healthy habits. Openly admitting that you are concerned about what you consume, and taking the time to consider how you present to the world is an honest approach.  It’s true that we live in a predominantly narcissists and overtly selfie obsessed society but self love and self care are essential to living a healthy and productive existence.


Which brings me to my next point. Like most routines eating clean and looking fresh can become mundane over time. Not unlike the boring blazer I wear far too often, the novelty of a signature dish will diminish once it has been prepared seventeen times in a row. But there is a simple solution to this common problem. When William Cowper stated, “variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour” he was talking about sexual partners but this logic can easily be applied to both style and food. These simple yet tasty dressing recipes will greatly improve basic salad, grain, and breakfast bowls without adding too much extra work to your life.


We know you don’t need to be convinced to maintain a diet rich in ingredients like; kale, avocado, broccoli, beetroot, quinoa, lentils, sweet potato, hemp seeds, etc. That goes without saying. However, some of us still need assistance when coming up with something other than Sriracha to drizzle over every meal. So, every week we will post an easy-to-follow recipe for a healthy, interesting, vegan dressing as well as an iconic well-dressed individual for your viewing pleasure. These substantial sauces will turn up your salads while adding some essential nutrients to your diet. Ideally you will take it upon yourself to recreate the feature recipe while dressed like our muse of the week -- but no pressure.

Stay tuned, our first recipe is coming at you soon!